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SEIKO Master Clock QCG-100

Master Clock QCG-100, merupakan master clock merk SEIKO yang dilengkapi dengan GPS satellite sangat cocok untuk lingkungan bandara, stasiun, sekolahan, universitas, kantor pemerintahaan dan swasta menghasilkan pencatatan waktu yang tepat dan akurat.

SEIKO Master Clock QCG-100

Detail informasi SEIKO Master Clock System

Produk buatan Jepang ini terkenal karena handal, akurat, dan presisi tinggi. Kami sanggup implementasi di seluruh Indonesia dengan biaya implementasi yang terjangkau dan bergaransi.

Mengapa harus SEIKO Master Clock QCG-100
  1. QCG-100 is a master clock which is capable of receiving the precise time information from GPS (Global Positioning System) operated by the U.S. and can retain a high-accuracy in the internal clock at all times.
  2. Exclusive GPS antenna with receiver unit (GPS-100) is available separately to make a time correction for the internal clock in the QCG-100 periodically.
  3. QCG-100 is capable of making analog secondary clocks activate directly and synchronizing them with a precise time.
  4. QCG-100 is capable of generating time data (in accordance with RS-422) for digital secondary clocks and other computer systems.
Informasi Lengkap lainnya tentang SEIKO Master Clock

  • Automatically time synchronization with GPS( Global Positioning System).
  • Time Accuracy when synchronized by GPS signal is within ±5ms.
  • Exclusive GPS antenna with receiver unit can be purchased separately.
  • High-accuracy crystal clock inside(Accuracy daily rate : within ± 0.1s)
  • Rack mounting type complied with EIA(Electronic Industries Alliance) Standard
  • Maximum 110pcs. of secondary clocks can be activated.
  • Both Two hands and Three hands secondary clocks can be activated.
  • Serial data signal output(RS422) is available to synchronize Digital Clocks and so on.
  • Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) with dimmer function for monitor clock in 3 steps(off-mid-hi) on the front panel
  • Daylight saving time and leap time can be set by key input.
  • Time adjustable with Time Server(SNTP) through LAN(RJ45) as an option extension system

Power supply
【Range of voltage】 AC85~264V
【Range of frequency】 47~63Hz
【Power consumption】 50W
Input/Output signals
【1-sec. polarized signal】
Controlled by 2 wires ( only clockwise )
(Max. 110pcs. of analog secondary clocks can be connected,
together with analog secondary clocks of 30-sec. signal. )
【30-sec. polarized signal】
Controlled by 2 wires ( only clockwise )
(Max. 110pcs of analog secondary clocks can be to connected,
together with analog secondary clocks of 1-sec. signal. )
* To be connected the exclusive GPS antenna with receiver
unit (GPS-100). Available separately.
Data input : Serial data (in accordance with RS-422)
1PPS input : Received by 2 wires
Power supply : DC5V (powered by QCG-100)
Sealed : 1 wire
* To be connected with 6 sealed wires cable (as an option)
【Serial data signal output】
RS-422 : Time information
in SEIKO format shall be sent every second.
【Crystal oscillation】 Crystal oscillator (32.768KHz)
【Accuracy of internal clock】 within ±0.1s/day (0℃~+40℃)
【Time accuracy when synchronized by GPS signal】 within ±5ms
【Frequency of synchronizing with GPS signal】 Every 10 min.
【Operational temperature range】 0℃~+50℃
【LCD display】 16digits 2 lines with back light
【Operation unit】 8keys
【How to adjust the time】
When powering on :
Automatic setting by GPS or manual setting by key input
When operating :
Periodical and automatically synchronization by GPS signal
or manual setting by key input
Setting for Time difference : Manual setting by key input
* Against UTC, time difference from -12h to +14h can be set by
【Daylight saving time】 Manual setting by key input
【Leap second】 Manual setting by key input
【Over current protection】
Power input : Non-fuse breaker
Internal circuit : Fuse 5A
Secondary clock signal output : Non-fuse breaker
【Alarm detection】
If this product detects a decrease in voltage in internal circuit and
NFB in secondary clock signal output, the ALARM LED lamp lights up.
Usage environment
【Operational temperature and humidity range】
0℃~+50℃ / 20~90% with no dew condensation
Overall dimensions
W480mm x H88mm x D280mm
(excluding protruded portion)
Steel with painting(pearl-gray)

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GPS Master Clock System by SEIKO Manufacturer: QCG-100

Pemasangan Master Clock System oleh GFClock Yasa Persada, Jakarta atau | Direct Call: 0818 8020 45

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